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Looking for a career in the transportation industry? We have hundreds of career opportunities relating to the transportation industry including trucking.


Available jobs:

Admin, HR, Trucking, Customer Service, Sales, Accounting, and much more.


Are you a tax professional?

Do you enjoy working with numbers?


We have accounting positions available nationwide.


Does working with computers hardware and software excite you?


We have several IT positions available for experienced Professionals.


Looking to make more money from your Healthcare career? 

We have hundreds of available positions within the Healthcare industry across the US.

Permanent Placement Services


Looking for the right candidate to offer a permanent position? We can help you find that perfect candidate.


Choosing the best candidate can help you offer a great benefit package that includes: paid time off, health insurance coverage, dental insurance and retirement packages such as 401(k) plans.


You may also want to include health club memberships, access to company vehicles, educational assistance and meal plans.


Providing such benefits to employees is costly, but top candidates may expect to receive a competitive benefits package.



Pursley Recruiting takes every measure to develop a deep understanding of different industry trends and environments. Then we tailor our expertise to help you best capitalize on talent-driven opportunities unique to your industry.


                                                           Education                                                   Hospitality

                                                           Finance & Insurance                                  Manufacturing

                                                           Government                                               Construction

                                                           Healthcare                               Transportation, Warehouse & Logistics


Welcome to Pursley & Associates Agency, LLC.

We are a highly successful recruiting agency located in Boston, MA. We have been in business for the past 5 years and focus our recruiting efforts for the small, medium and large businesses globally. We fill positions for a wide range of industries with job functions varying from Transportation, Healthcare, IT, Accounting, Admin, Finance to Human Resources and Marketing.

Whether you are a job-seeker or looking to fill a position within your company - we are the staffing agency for you!

Searching for your dream job? Let us help you find the perfect position.

Need to fill an open position quickly? Pursley & Associates Agency, LLC has a significant number of qualified candidates that we can match you up with. With us, you can count on receiving talented and reliable employees.

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